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Unleash Your Inner Scientist with Beast Lab 11105 Creator

Beast Lab 11105 Creator. Experiment to Create Your Beast. Which Shark Will You Unleash Makes Real Bio Mist, Multicolor

What is the Beast Lab Toy?

Beast Lab 11105 Creator is an innovative and exciting toy that allows you to unleash your creativity and become a scientist in your own home. With this toy, you can experiment and create your very own unique beast.

What Age is Beast Lab For?

Beast Lab is designed for children aged 8 and above. It provides a fun and educational experience for kids who are interested in science, biology, and experimentation.

What Do You Put in Beast Lab Toys?

Beast Lab toys come with a variety of materials and components that allow you to bring your beast to life. The kit includes a bio mist solution, which, when combined with other ingredients, creates a multicolor mist that adds a realistic touch to your beast creation. Additionally, the kit includes various parts and accessories that can be assembled to form your unique beast.

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Is Beast Lab Reusable?

Yes, Beast Lab is reusable! Once you have created your beast, you can disassemble it and start the experimentation process all over again. The kit provides endless possibilities for creating different beasts and exploring new combinations.

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